The Power Prayer Girls

Power Prayer Girls is a powerful message on the power of prayer! It is my desire to help women build a deeper and more life changing relationship with Christ through prayer.  I also share how to establish intimate Power Prayer Girl Partnerships with other women!

I am also excited about my new book, The Power Prayer Girl Handbook, to help empower and equip women to be mighty intercessors for Christ!  It is due out in the Fall.

The book and my message is inspired by the amazing power of prayer that I witnessed first-hand in the life of my mother.

This message can be tailored to any type of women’s ministry venue – from an hour and a half to an expanded weekend time of prayer, restoration and digging deeper into the subject of prayer.

I talk about the kind of Power Prayer Girls God wants us to be. The kind of prayers PPGs pray are not for the faint of heart. Think Braveheart meets Wonder Woman, Joan of Arc and Laura Croft, with a dash of Mother Teresa. A wild combo, yes, but that’s a true Power Prayer Girl. Her passion for prayer is simply unshakable, unstoppable and un-abandoned.

Among the topics I cover in my message and also in the book are:

  • How To Be A Power Prayer Girl
  • How Power Prayer Girls Pray Together
  • Tough Times Call For Tough Godly Gals
  • God, You Want Me To Pray For Who?
  • Empowering Your Sons And Daughters To Be Mighty Intercessors For Christ
  • Living Out The Legacy Of Your Life


Power Prayer Girls Cynthia and Corby

Power Prayer Girls Brenda and Corby




Power Prayer Girls Corby, Debra and Anna