Little Black Dress’ ~Whimsy, Wit and Wisdom

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Two Chairs, two views. At first you might think that two people are sitting in two chairs looking out from their vantage point and enjoying two different views. That would be somewhat correct, but in these two chairs most of the time sat people I loved, people I miss and people I will never see again on this side of eternity. Memories that will remain just that – memories in my heart and soul forever.  Sometimes Winters and I would sit in the chairs too and sometimes we didn’t. I loved these chairs,...

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Winters Writes ~ There are Rocks and then there are LBD Rocks

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Friends, if you are in need of a bit of humor today, check out Winters’ post over at Just Flip The Dog today. We are all back into the throes of school and the youngest SON of Thunder is now in third grade, which translated means study, study, study.  The LBD teaching anyone anything about science in and of itself is too funny …  Really, I find myself having an out-of-body experience each time we work on science.  You gotta love how a guy can turn the subject of rocks into romance and a woman can...

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