Have you ever had a hard time finishing your dream or even starting it?

I don’t mean just any old dream like a vacation or the desire to have a new car. No, I mean your heart’s deepest longing and passion to do what God has created and called you to do.

Let’s be honest, sometimes dreams are just that, fantasies that we imagine and create in our minds.  They are unrealistic illusions or distractions from a life where we feel such discontent.  But how is one to know a fantasy from a real heart’s desire?

On this Thankful Thursday I am reminded that real dreams are simply the things we were created and called to do before the foundation of the earth. A man knows deep in his spirit man what his heart’s longing is to do.  You just know.

I think of the movie, Chariots of Fire, when Eric Liddell said he felt God’s pleasure when he ran or Billy Graham changing a nation and a world because he had a purpose greater than himself driving him to change the world for Christ.  These are not easy dreams to fulfill, but dreams none the less.

God’s purpose for our life is compelling.  Our desire to fulfill our purpose is also compelling.  It is a yearning deep in the soul of each of us.  Others may see it and some may not, but  that does not make it any less real or true.

God is asking for obedience as we attempt to walk out and fulfill our purpose.  If fulfilling our purpose was easy, then it would be easy, but it is not.

Not only will there be people in your life that will believe your dream is folly, there will be distractions and yes, self-doubt too. There will be many road blocks to ultimate success.  And even the word success is subjective.

Stepping into purpose requires many things.  You must be unwavering in your faith and commitment to your dream, your passion and your purpose.  You must keep your eye on the prize and the goal – whatever that may be for you.

Sometimes you must be willing to lay the dream down for a season or for a time.  That season might feel like forever, but the purpose is never gone.  God will give you the courage to lay the dream down until He can raise it up out of the ashes.  Sometimes we have to lay it all down for Him.

If a dream is that important to us  we must  be willing to lay it all down for the dream and for God’s purpose to be fulfilled in us.

I am sorry to say that some of you reading this post will never find your true purpose.  You will never identify your gifts and what God ultimately created you to do.  I pray that is not so, but then again it is possible because we care too much what others think and fear becomes the norm.

The other night we watched one of our favorite golf moves of all time.  The movie was full of powerful unforgettable messages.  The SONs endured life lessons galore from Winters and myself.  You know,I simply could not resist myself.

The Greatest Game Ever Played~ A story of a caddie in 1913 has a chance to play in the U.S. Open as an amateur.  His father, not understanding golf and a working class man, cannot understand his son’s foolishness.  He cannot see his son’s true talent. So often in life that is the case.  Urged to play, the young caddie does play in a small tournament.  His father is so annoyed by this foolishness he basically makes a bargain with his son, that  if  he loses the match he must get a real job and give up golf forever.  That is pressure to say the least.

The father at one point says, “let go of this fantasy and make peace with your station in life.” Those are painful words, but words I think many have had spoken over them in their lifetime. Yes, let go of your dream, your purpose, your passion and wake up and get a real job.

Francis, the young caddie, gives up the dream after losing the match.  He takes a shop job in the local town and a part of him dies. He got that real job his father spoke of and he resigned himself to his station in life, but not really.  And no one really won and no one was really happy either.  Not his father, his mother and most of all, not Francis.

One day the young caddie throws all care to the wind and picks up his clubs and commits to play.  Again, no one is really happy.  With Francis’s fear of his father’s disapproval and most of all the fear of being cut off from family and friends,  our young caddie steps into his purpose and picks up his clubs again and goes for the dream with all his heart.

He won the US Open in 1913 and beat out the most seasoned golf professionals of their time.  Francis Ouimet chose to not make peace with his station in life, he changed it! It takes courage to walk toward a dream; especially a dream that looks completely unrealistic, but isn’t that faith? Doesn’t the apostle Paul describe faith as believing things that are not as though they are.

Finding the time to finish the dream will not be easy my friend.  Stepping into your purpose and fulfilling God’s call on your life will also not be easy.  But God did not call us to an easy life, He called us to greatness!

Last night Winters had the opportunity to be on Atlanta Live to talk about his books and his passion for helping others grow deeper in their faith and in their relationships with God and others. It was streamed all over the world on the world-wide web.  How awesome is that! Just a little show in Atlanta but a big part of his bigger purpose.

It was a moment.  Twenty-four years of writing and years of work all converged in 24 minutes with one host on live television.

You  and I may never be on TV.  We may never write a book.  But whatever God has called you to do, do it and do it well! Do it with confidence, passion and determination.  Don’t give up on your dream, I promise you God certainly hasn’t.  He believes in you when no one else will.

So on this Thankful Thursday I am thankful that John Winters has been obedient.  I am thankful that although we have many times been weary we have not grown weary of doing good and doing what we feel He has called us to do.  I am thankful that God has made provision just as I know He has made provision for you.

I am confident that the Lord is saying “well done my good and faithful servant.”

So dear friends, be blessed and encouraged on this Thankful Thursday as we celebrate our dreams, our passion and purpose and we don’t give up on God’s call on our life whatever that may be!


  1. 9-1-2011

    LOVE your post this week…I sent it on to Michael!!!!

    • 9-2-2011

      I am so glad this post ministered to you and I pray it will empower Michael to hang on to that dream of his too! Be blessed dear friend