I miss Hanna Montana … Do you?

Okay, so I don’t  really miss Hanna Montana so much as I  do miss the innocent, sweet, fun Miley Cyrus.  The fact is I feel so sad for our all grown up Miley.  I  feel sad every time I think of her, see a picture of her or read an article about her.

Miley has made the press quite a bit lately from her performance with Robin Thicke and their lewd dancing together, her tongue and well, so much more.

Yesterday, one of my longtime Power Prayer Warriors and I ran into Barnes and Nobles. While sitting by the magazines she picked up one all about Miley. The entire magazine, a special People edition – was dedicated to her. Well, she did set out to get national attention.

Miley has a vast following of young and older women who love her. My friend commented on how beautiful she was. Yes, I said, “she was.”  To me she was in the past tense, she is not so beautiful now to me. My friend commented on how sweet she was and how she is still beautiful and has such a great voice.  But I look at her and just get more sad.  Sad that she has believed a lie that to be great this is what she must do.  And sadly it is working.

I love the phrase, “That true beauty is a light in the heart and not in the face.”  True beauty is not about the outward appearance but our character, our values, who we are when no one is watching, and even when they are. It is about following our moral compass.  That is what I often tell The SONs and the young women I coach as a Teen Life Strategist and reiterate in my Pure Empowerment seminars and whenever I am given an opportunity to speak to young people.

So now Miley is on her national tour and MOMs and daughters are sharing this experience together.  Recently, one of the entertainment shows was covering her concert and began interviewing the crowd of moms who had taken their daughters to see her.  The  show had just aired clips of Miley while dancing, singing and gyrating on stage waving her hinny toward the toward the crowd (while bent over mind you) in an outfit that appeared to be no more than underwear. Lovely,  just what I would want my daughter to do if I had one, Not!

All the moms interviewed in the crowd said, “They were fine with it, saying things like, “It was fun,” and that it wasn’t that bad,” Miley on the hotdog was cute … Really? What is even more heartbreaking about this story is that the moms said they thought what Miley did was fine and not that bad.  Then we wonder why so many young girls are confused about what love really is and how to get a guy or the world’s attention.  It is tragic to me.

I am raising three SONs and working hard to have them respect women for their minds, their character and of course their beauty too.  And I love the old saying, “Beauty is as beauty does.”  Words we must remind our young people of.  Many of the young girls today now say they are bisexual, it is supposedly in style. They see that portrayed as ok too in music videos.

MOMs: Making Our Mark – we must work to educate our daughters that they are not cheap, trashy tongue-waving young women. Rather, they are lovely, sophisticated and classy women.  That they want to choose men that will honor and respect them.  And if once they are married they want to dance around their bedroom, then I say go for it. But it is never okay on a public stage.

Well, enough said on Miley, but I will pose this question:

What kind of MOMs: Making Our Make do we want to be? What kinds of women do we want to raise? What kind of men do we want to send out into the world?  What kind of values do we want to instill in them that they will carry with them the rest of their lives?  Because I can promise you The SONS in my house and their friends would not bring anyone like Miley home to meet me or their moms. And that is because that is not the kind of women they want or have been taught to be with.

MOMs, let’s work together to make sure our young women know that their greatest is not achieved through compromising their standards, morals or values to gain the attention of others. That is not the attention they should seek.





  1. 3-24-2014

    Thanks Corby great wisdom here and very well written.

  2. 3-25-2014

    Amen and Amen! It makes me so sad to see how much she’s changed, and even sadder that young girls think it’s great.

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