Years and years ago when the eldest SON was  in preschool there was a MOM of one of his little classmates that was just not crazy about me.  I mean it, we just really didn’t click.

I tried everything to befriend her. But it still did not click at all.   To be honest I wanted her to like me but it was obvious it was not going to happen.

One day I sad about it after I had seen her at the preschool.  I was lamenting about in and how much it bothered me when The eldest SON who was about 4 years old happened to over hear me.  He quickly responded with “Mom,  Just get a new friend,”  Then he said, “That is what you would tell me to do.  You would say, just  move on.”

Out of the mouths of babes.

My reply to him was, “you are right, that is what I tell you to do.   I thanked him for the advise and  I  did move on.

He was right…  It was time for me to let it go and quit trying to get someone to like me that did not like me.  Whether your child is a small kiddo, a tween or a teen we need to be open to their wisdom.

This story took place 15 years ago but I remember it like yesterday.  The SONs are always great about sharing wonderful words of wisdom with me and I so appreciate.

So today I pray that as you forge a healthy, strong and close relationship with your children, tweens and your teens that you will also listen to their words of wisdom! Wisdom is meant to be shared and maybe as you listen to their wisdom  they in turn will listen to yours as well.  It is so important to remember that not everyone is going to be your friend and frankly they might not even like you but that does not mean you are not a precious and a wonderful person.

To the tweens and teens reading this may you be filled with wisdom beyond your years!

And to the parents be blessed with wisdom as you parent the precious children God has entrusted to you.

May we all live life in our passion and purpose!



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