MOMs, it is a must that YOU take care of YOU!

If you don’t take care of you then how can you take of those you love.

It is no accident that when you get on an airplane the flight attendant says, in case of loss cabin pressure take the mask and place it on yourself and then place it on those younger ones around you.  Why do they say that?  Well, because Moms and Dads need to be able to help those younger than them and those that need support.  As a MOM Coach I work with young moms, old moms and tired moms.  These are women who rarely make time for themselves.  It doesn’t take hours for self-care just start doing something to take better care of themselves.

I want MOMs to commit to make time for self-care.

Take walk.

Get a .massage.

Read a magazine.

Have a nice long bath.

Take a nap.

Do something you love to do and commit to so it without any guilt.

Invest time in a hobby you love.




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