{ Let me honest, spelling is not my gift!  But touching lives is … Fortunately,  I married a man who is a writer and editor.   Sometimes he  is available to edit before I post a blog – and sometimes not. But I know God has called me to speak and write, and  timing is everything. What                                                                    matters most is when I am led to write, I know I am to write. Thank God that Winters The Writer will fix it later!  May you be blessed and encouraged my dear friends} 

Have you ever spent any quality time with someone who can always find something to complain about?  Their not much fun to be with are they?

Then there are those people who always seem to find something they can be happy about and give thanks for.  For them it almost appears to be easy to be happy. Don’t you just love those people and because they make you feel fabulous!

Do you remember that fun preschool church song… “When you’re happy and you know it clap your hands, when you’re happy and you know it then your face will surely show it!  Ok, so maybe you can forgo the clapping but a happy grateful heart is a win win for everyone around you including  your own heart.

I also  adore the song “Give Thanks with a grateful heart, give thanks to the Holy one, give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ His Son!”

Today on this Thankful Thursday, in the midst of all of life’s distractions, transitions, difficulties, pains, losses, fears and problems in your life and all over the world; I pray you will focus your gaze on all that is good, kind and decent in your lives and celebrate it for God’s glory.  Yes, give thanks abundantly and seek to have a happy heart.  Not a happiness that is fleeting and based on circumstances but a happiness that is rooted in true Joy.

Walking In Joy and Freedom!
Walking In Joy and Freedom!

So think of Philippians 4:8″ Whatever is good, pure, noble, lovely and trustworthy think on these things!

I urge to take a moment and give some thought for what you can give thanks for…

From the big things to the simplest of ones…

Give thanks for your cars, yes, even the gas guzzler or the one that need all new tires or even the one in the shop.


Give thanks for your children no matter their age

Give thanks that God gave them to you


Give thanks that we can change.

Give thanks that no addition or strong hold is stronger than Gods grace love and healing.

Give thanks that even a smoker of 30 years can find hope and healing to let go of that unhealthy habit.


Give thanks for the friends and family who need, love and support you and yes, give thanks and pray for those that don’t.


Give thanks for when the house is neat and tidy

Give thanks when the house is crazy and pray for order and take dominion over it!


Give thanks that God uses you to bring glory to the kingdom

Give thanks to God that God uses you in spite of yourself


Give thanks to God that God is a Great God!


Give thanks even if you are in throes of a trial and give thanks in advance that you will survive it.

Give thanks that God is giving you the grace, faith and hope to walk through whatever it is you face.

~Give thanks in all things, the small things, the big things and the seemingly insignificant thing.  But remember that when you walk in joy and with a grateful heart that is a gift to you and all those that come in contact with you! For when you are happy my dear friend your heart will surely show it.

I suggest that throughout this day you take a moment and think of anything and everything that you can give thanks for today my dear friend?

Then pray for those struggling and those who are in so much more pain, loss and crises than we are today. Those who lost loved ones.   Remember that sometimes our problems seem small in light of others. Pray that God will give them grace on this Thankful Thursday. Remember God wants to use all of our your story ~ the good, the bad, the wacky and yes, even the parts that seem ugly and painful too! But how we live out our story and life will be key to those around us.

Remember God wants to use all of your story to  bring glory to God and show His love to a hurting world.  The way you and I act and live out our lives speaks volumes to the world whether we use any words or not.

I pray you are blessed and encouraged on this Thankful Thursday celebrating that no matter your situation or circumstance  you know that God is still God and that you will walk in joy! For God is great and worthy to be praised and you my friend are a precious treasure to him!




  1. 11-9-2014

    You are an inspiration!

    • 11-13-2014

      Janie, Thank you so much for all your encouragement and support! It means so much to me. Thank you again for all your love and support! Corby

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