Have you ever thought to yourself~ Lord, How does THIS fit  into my life’s purpose?  On This Thankful Thursday and many other days I have wondered to myself this very question. On this Thankful Thursday you might be wondering about THIS too!

THIS being a demotion at work, a tragedy you never could have prepared for, a broken relationship with no mending in sight, a disease, or even a little bundle of joy, like a new baby when you feel over the hill.

Sometimes in life things fall neatly into place and other times things simply do not make sense one bit.  All one can do is to simply shake their heads and wonder to themselves” What do I do with THIS one Lord”. REALLY? Lord, What do I do with THIS?

Have you ever asked God the same questions or had the same thoughts flood through your mind?

THIS  happened to be the question of the week for some of my really dear close friends … They are are the Circle of the Sacred Few, they called and we began to discuss God’s purpose for our lives.  We continued to talk this about this soul-searching time in our lives and trying to see the big picture.

They all tossed out questions, as they reflected on their lives and their purpose.  “How does this fit into God’s purpose for my life?”  

One of my friend’s husband had a great career and the company started layoffs and he is now in a job that he is way overqualified for but that was where the company placed him after the layoffs and a re-hire.  He could probably do the job in his sleep, no, he could do this job in his sleep.  At their house she said there is often a lot of head shaking and questions about the purpose of this season in their life and how in the world is God going to ever use this.

But we agreed there is a pay check and we agreed the job is a blessing, no doubt.  Truly a blessing.

I am sure you too have often asked yourselves how does this fit into my purpose Lord?  The Lord says in Psalms 138:8 that you will fulfill your purpose in me.  But you might be thinking Lord, It looks like I am a bit off track and not by my own doing. Sometimes it is our own doing and sometimes it is not.

But we continue with “But Lord, I can’t possibly see how this can be part of the plan for my life”?

Then we might add “Hello are you there, God”?  This really feels all to familiar to me even as I am typing.

You’re starting over in your career, you may have prayed for a strong marriage but your spouse left you anyway.  You prayed for favor at work and for promotion, but you were overlooked and let go anyway, or maybe you want to be running city hall but you are changing diapers and you have been given children and not a city to run right now.

But again, we really reach out to HIM with all our might and ask ,”Lord how does this fit into my life’s purpose?”

Sometimes you must simply shake your head and look to the cross of Jesus.

And also recognize this:

Sometimes our purpose is affected by bad choices of others.

Others can have an impact on our life purpose, but that does not have to ultimately influence our purpose.  Our purpose remains steadfast.

Sometimes our life purpose is affected by the bad choices we make. And we have to deal with the impact of that negative choice on our future and life purpose.

Then sometimes life is just life. A storm comes, a flood, earthquake and even tornadoes whip out the life you once had.  Life just happens.

But this is what I know about the Lord:

God sees the Big Picture!

He sees how this is going to somehow work together for my good if I let Him!

He uses everything … The good the bad and the ugly to fulfill His purpose in us and through us!

And when things do not make sense we need to press into Him and not away from Him!

And we need to ask God to use all of that occurs in our lives to fulfill His purpose in you and in me!

And one day, whether it is here on earth or as we stand before the Lord in Glory, we will know how that thing fit into our purpose and we will see clearly.

Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.”

He also say in His word, “For my ways are not your ways and my thoughts are not your thoughts.”

So continue sweet sisters to surrender your lives to Him just like my dear Sacred Few! Each day we have a choice to trust God!  To seek Him and ask for His guidance and direction.

Be blessed and encouraged abundantly on this Thankful Thursday and remember that you are not alone and that God will no doubt fulfill His purpose in your life  if you let Him.



  1. 4-10-2015

    Thank you for this reminder, Corby. For me, it is what almost all parents go thru eventually – I have a Senior in high school getting ready to graduate. There is excitement, and there is sadness, but I cannot count how many times I have said to myself “Ok now what?” I’m trying to trust the Lord, but it is hard at times. By the way, for those moms staying home with little ones – it’s worth it!

    • 4-10-2015

      Jill I am always so blessed that you enjoy my blogs and that you take the time to tell me so. I love you so much and you are right being moms and letting our children spread their wings is never easy. The beautiful thing is that we know that God is always in control.

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