Today I am reminded of my mom and dad. I miss their zest for life.  Many of you will remember this story. My parents both shared a passion for  Christ, for His redemption, His healing and wholeness.

.  One of my parents Favorite CD’s was The Revival In Belfast.

In 2002, there was a spectacular performance featuring that music at my childhood and home church and they were hooked.

In fact, my sweet mom loved it so much she called me and played it, while holding the receiver next to the stereo so I could hear it.  It was rather hilarious because I couldn’t even hear it.

Finally, mom just bought a zillion copies and gave them to just about everyone she loved, including me.

I too fell in love with it.  

When mom passed away the songs from the CD gave me more comfort than I could have ever imagined.  And during my times of  sadness, it is The  Garment of Praise that stands out among all the rest.

My grief is also layered with the continued persecution of Christians and all who are suffering. Often I cannot help but  feel the loss and grief of my mom and dad as well as the  battle with sadness and depression.

Some times in this old life we can lose heart and feel we’ve lost our way back to a place of joy and happiness.

You might even feel you may never laugh or dance again.

But on this Thankful Thursday, I want to encourage you to ‘Dress Yourself  Happy and Put On A Garment Of Praise!

I am not talking shoes, hats or the latest spring fashions.

No, I am talking about an outfit that will change your outlook and your life forever.

The lyrics from the song are taken from one of my favorite passages – Isaiah 61: 1-3 – and it is there in the middle of verse 3, we hear the best fashion and skin care advice ever, perfect for all occasions.

We are invited to “Put on a Garment of Praise; instead of a Spirit of Heaviness” and “the Oil of Gladness; Instead of Mourning!

Today let’s wrap ourselves in a garment of praise and soak in the oil of gladness.

This, my dear friends, is the best outfit you will ever have and it does not cost us anything.  The price was already paid for by Christ.

So today  my dear friend  if your heart is wounded by pain and loss, I pray you will be dressed more beautifully than ever in a garment of praise and your weary bones will rise to dance again!

Remember our hope is always n Christ

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