Ok, Teens Keep Talking

Please and most importantly keep the lines of communication open.

Keep on talking!

Keep on talking!

The bottom line is …

Talk to your parents.

Talk to your pastor.

Talk to your mentors.

Talk to your Coaches.

Talk to your teachers.

Talk to those that you know you can trust to give you sound Godly wisdom,  Everyone has advice and everyone has an opinion.  But the important thing is who are you getting your advice and wisdom from.  Ask and seek guidance from those you know have greater wisdom than you do and those who have your best interest at heart.  Life is hard and there will be many who wish to help give you advice but are they quality advice givers and can you have confidence in the advice they give.

I have had great friends but sometimes their advice wasn’t the best advice because I needed the advice from someone who had just a bit more life experience than I did or had a better gift of discernment than I.

Let Your Life Shine

Let Your Life Shine

But here is the deal.  It is most important to  talk to someone who is older, wiser and someone you can truly trust.

Someone who at the end of the day has your best interest at heart.

Tweens and teens, trust me on this one.

Keep the lines of communication open!

I know it is easier  said then done  because I have three teenage Sons, but just like I tell them, we love you and want what is best for you… Please keep talking to us and most of all help us help you!



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